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General Intention, Audience and Contents


I am looking to create an informative page that is relevant to anybody who plays or supports inline hockey or anybody looking to join a club.  I would like to achieve a final look that is easy for people to find the information that they want, without spending time working through complex menu systems.  The audience will need only small knowledge of internet and computer systems to browse the site.  I want my site to include information such as fixtures and results that can be updated regularly.  I also want some user interactivity with feedback and a visitor book.  A news section will also be included with current news such as our new jersey that is currently being designed.  Perhaps some links to other relevant websites could be useful to have on the site, as others may feel compelled to add my site to their links, if I have theirs on mine.  Some photos of players etc will be included as well as photos from events etc.  I good idea that I have had is to have maps of the rinks that we play at, so that when people check the fixture they can find the rink and come watch us play.




The major emphasis of the site will be simplicity.  Simple to look at (not hard on the eyes with elaborate colour schemes), simple to browse and simple to find exactly what you are looking for.  The main layout of the page will be a 2 column effect.  This way I can fit the most amount of information into the one spot (as apposed to a 1 column or frames layout) but still without cluttering the page (in comparison with 3 columns or frames).  I will try to keep large graphics to a minimum, some plain border patterns and small images will be suitable.  I am going to use Arial as my main font as it pertains to the simple style of the site as is easy to read.


How is the target audience reached?


The target audience (being people associated with inline hockey See Above) will be reached by keeping the information relevant (everything on the site is associated with inline hockey), keeping the information easy to access (for those who are technologically inept) but still presenting it in an interesting way.  The colours and graphics in the site will hopefully attract a younger audience too.



Interactivity: visitor book, survey/opinion poll, audience feedback, message board.

Page design: 2 column page design with simple artwork and no frames.  Tables will be used on certain pages too keep things divided.

Typography: keep font easy to read and SIMPLE!  Using the same font will be clear-cut and hopefully not dull.

Graphics: no large pre-loading graphics (large images are user selected), border graphics will be used too.

Buttons/hotspots/links: all links are simple text buttons, identified by underline.

Imported elements: message board, visitor book, poll and photo album run externally.  These elements are run by an external service but all settings are author-defined.




Home Page – Lots of information and graphics.



2 column


Guestbook – Externally run so single column is the only option.

1 column


Photo Album – Another external site which is actually twin frame.

2 column


The new jersey – Front of jersey on one side, the back on the other (2 column).


2 column

Visual Statement


Contact Details – Not a lot on this page so single column is adequate.


1 column


Fixture – Twin column design, fixture on one side, results on other (smaller) side.

Main area 1 secondary


Players Poll – MVP poll page with two polls so naturally a 2 column page.

2 column



Game Reports – Again not a lot on this page so single column is adequate.


1 column


Links – Only a few links…single column.


1 column



Rinks – 2 column page, links 1 side, photo on the other.


2 column