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Coming soon:

The Lilydale Rats Inline Hockey Club website!  All you Rats fans out there can soon check out the low down on the club, check the fixture, look at some pix, vote for the MVP and see the new jersey.




Eltham Eagles


Like the use of tables and basic 2-tone colour design.

Very advanced, use of asp (active server protocol) is good.

Top end, perhaps out of reach for my skill level.




Very basic…just thought I’d include this for what I want my site not to look like!





I like the font as it is very basic and easy to read.  A little cluttered and hard to fund things!  I like the idea of the menu constantly being displayed at the bottom.




Again the font is easy to read, the page is very well set out, not too many colours so not too hard on the eye.




I will try to keep the pages between 1 and 2 screens of a 1024x768 pixel desktop.




The site will contain relevant pictures, contact details, our new jersey, game summaries, visitors book, links, voting polls, rink locations, and fixtures.




             2 column offset          Main area 2 secondary


I will try to keep to a 2 column design with a heading and menu at the top and a subtitle for each page as well.  Runner at the bottom with any other relevant info eg © page counter etc.


Title and Subtitle Font: Arial 24

Body Subtitle Font: Arial 12 Bold

Body Text Font: Arial 12


I want to use this font as it is easy to read and very simple.  The reason I want a simple font is so as not to distract the audience from the important information.  A more stylish font would also not suit the simple style of the site.  I also want to try and keep all the fonts the same to maintain similarity.